Commercial Pilot Certificate


Commercial Multi-Engine Pilot Course:

This Multi-engine Commercial Pilot Course is for the student who wishes to advance directly to the twin engine aircraft after the single-engine instrument rating. This is the fastest and most efficient route to qualify for airline programs.

Primary areas of focus are commercial pilot knowledge level and multi-engine operations for the commercial pilot. This course also provides the student pilot with experience flying a higher performance aircraft with retractable gear, constant speed propellers, GPS, autopilot, and advanced instrumentation.

20 Hours Dual Piper Seminole (twin engine) $6,080*
8 Hours Ground Instruction $472
1 FAA Knowledge Test $150
1 FAA Check ride $450
1.5 Check ride airplane $353







Single engine add-on

After obtaining your multi-engine commercial certificate, the addition of a single-engine to your certificate is a simple matter of mastering the maneuvers required of the single-engine commercial pilot. There is no additional written test and no minimum hour requirement!

10 Hours*** Dual Piper Warrior (single engine) $1,520
3 Hours Ground Instruction $147
1 FAA Check ride $450
1.5 Check ride airplane $155






Additional training and recommended equipment and supplies:

1 Jeppesen Commercial Pilot Manual
1 Jeppesen Commercial Pilot Syllabus
1 Gleim Commercial Knowledge Prep $70
100 Hours PIC(timebuilding) Piper Warrior II $5,150**


* Hours based on FAA minimums. Average students can likely expect a few additional hours to complete

** FAA part 61 requires a minimum of 250 hours flight time to be eligible for a commercial pilot certificate. This estimate is for shared cost with a training partner.

*** FAA part 61 requires only 3 hours flight training in the prior 2 months if done after multi-engine. 10 hours is the estimated time to proficiency - single engine maneuvers. Complex airplane not required if commercial certificate previously obtained